Hello #Wordcreators

The wordworm

Where should you start?

Its easy: you should start with a letter you find on the Startpage under the�#caller-#modul.. Here you can click on a Letter, char or number which your new Word should contain. Here you have three possibilitys:

If youc had clicked a Charakter you will get the whole Alphabet AS choice and all Numbers and dort and minus. If you click now on one of the combinations the next Higher combinaton. This goes up until 24 Charakter. If you have mached a good Word you can Bench IT, searching with engineer or on web. Finally you can save IT to your words and or wrote an article. Bilions of words wait to get explore and defined.

You also can create wordclouds with your saved words and send youby Email or publish Thema in our daily wordclouds. So you can watch Others people benchmarked words unser Benched words in the topmenu.

I Hope you have fun andmaybe If you have questions, wrote articles at #faqs. Have a great time.


Knebl Rainer

Article of Wordcreator.